How a hybrid cloud strategy can future proof your enterprise

How a hybrid cloud strategy can future proof your enterprise While it may not be a great idea to eat hybrid vegetables or fruit for health reasons, hybrid solutions certainly make technical and commercial sense for IT infrastructures. In the yester years, a popular model involved engaging with a limited set of vendors for solutioning and procurement.… Read the rest

How does Mithi SkyConnect co-exist with Google Apps on the same SMTP Address space (email domain)?


There is a requirement to host the email infrastructure of a company across 2 different solutions, such that both the solutions share the same SMTP address space and the company can divide their mailboxes across the two solutions.… Read the rest

The One Page Execution Plan for a business of any size

Greetings! Is your business stuck in a low/no growth rut? In your business, do you observe any of the following symptoms


  1. Your company consistently misses financial targets (even realistic ones)
  2. Your company consistently is unable to achieve all that it sets out to do (Goals)
  3. Many team members complain of lack of clarity in what is expected of them
  4. Many a times, you produce something which is not really required at that point in time
  5. Most days, you come in and start the day afresh with new ideas and next best thing to do.
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Reasons why Enterprise choose Mithi’s SkyConnect over an ISP mail solution

SaaS or PaaS ? Abstract Business should consider carefully whether they want to be delivered¬† a true SaaS solution (Software as a Service) or an infrastructure-focused PaaS solution (Product as a Service).… Read the rest

How our team used Live group chat collaboration to resolve a server outage

Live scenario: Mithi’s enterprise messaging servers are automatically monitored by external probes, who scan the servers at close intervals for a response on all protocols.… Read the rest