Data Management Strategy: Many to One Email Journaling

As part of our #whiteboardseries, we bring to you a series of short videos that we hope will help your organisation increase productivity and efficiency. In the video above, Mr. Sunil Uttam, Co-founder, Mithi Software, talks about Many to One email journaling, a very popular way of archiving in organisations Today. He also stresses on how this method may not be the most efficient way to archive and some of the drawbacks associated with it. This method of email backup, collects all mail for all users in one account and further splits this up into multiple PST/EML files, making it difficult to do any kind of processing on the data, or even restore any specific email for any user. With the primary and archive mailbox on the same server, there is a high chance of vendor lock-in, should you want to move your data out, at a some point in time. In addition, since the archive mailbox is a regular mailbox, there is constant need to provision extra storage. Read a detailed blog on the working of a many to one email journaling and other methods of archiving.

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