Hybrid Email Solutions: How two email solutions co-exist on the same domain

As part of our #whiteboardseries, we bring to you a series of short videos that we hope will help your organisation increase productivity and efficiency. In the video above, we talk about what a hybrid solution, why you need it and how it works. Organisations often have a requirement to host the email infrastructure of a company across 2 different solutions, such that both the solutions share the same SMTP address space and the company can divide their mailboxes across the two solutions. This is typically done to allow a set of users to use one of the solutions for the value that it offers and allow the remaining users to derive benefit from the value delivered by the other mailing solution. A co-existence or hybrid solution provides features and functionalities as required by the different set of users in an organisation. It also enables the organisation to optimize on the overall infrastructure, management and upgrade costs. Read a detailed blog on the working and benefit of deploying a hybrid email solution in your organisation.

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