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Mithi helps partners contribute to the success of their customers with access to state of the art technology that delivers the collaboration advantage to enterprises.

Mithi's robust platforms are all delivered via the AWS cloud, providing guaranteed uptime, storage durability, and scalable performance. Our systems process and store email and critical information for thousands of users, spread across hundreds of customers, with a diverse mix of industries and sizes, globally.

While Mithi delivers consistent value via its cloud offerings, we understand that no single vendor can possibly deliver a solution to meet all related customer challenges on their own. Mithi's partner eco system features best of breed partner organizations that each complement our platform to add specific value in solving our customer’s toughest problems. E.g. many of our partners are very strong in migrations and can enable customers to migrate from any platform to Mithi's platforms, OR some of our partners are strong in facilities management services and can augment the customers IT team with capacity to deliver service management capabilities.

Partners can now lock opportunities with us for assured benefits and early nurturing

To further improve transparency in our dealings with our resellers, partners and distributors, Mithi now introduces a digital form to enter your active opportunity to trigger early action from our pre sales team for nurturing the lead towards a decision. This also locks the opportunity to your organisation assuring you of the ensuing benefits, when the opportunity closes in our favour.

Reseller Partners

By becoming a Mithi reseller, you add best of breed cloud offerings to your portfolio, gain access to the Mithi pre sales team to help you with the heavy lifting of technical selling, benefit from high margins for deal closures, and an industry leading revenue retention and growth rate. In other words, you can rely on renewals and upsells to be a profitable source of income going forward.

In addition to being able to sell our solutions to their customers, Mithi Reseller Partners typically offer complementary solutions of their own to combine partner solutions with Mithi solutions to create unique value. In addition, their customers enjoy an added layer of sales support and can leverage expert resources.

What is required to become a Mithi Reseller?

  • Your customers experience pain with email (spam, malicious attacks, outages, data loss and data leaks).
  • You’re the trusted advisor for your customers’ collaboration, storage, compliance and risk management solutions.
  • You understand cloud, its reliability, security, scalability, and performance benefits over in premise and can convince the customer of the same.
  • You understand that the Multi cloud approach is the trend for effective, productive and cost effective solutions to email management needs.
  • You understand that a multi-layered security approach, comprising of email security at the periphery, a robust and reliable mail server and an immutable email backup is necessary for mitigating email management risks.
  • You understand the business needs of a customer and can map it to the most effective solution bundles.
  • You understand and are able to convey the value of scalable, reliable, secure cloud solutions and why these play a vital role in business investments.
  • Help your customers build a strong email management strategy that adds business value, is easy and affordable to implement, and adapts with growth.
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Distribution Partners

Mithi has engagements with top distributors viz. Redington, Compuage, AWS Marketplace to drive business growth by increasing the global footprint. Via these partnerships, Mithi is able to include thousands of resellers in our programs and help them deliver cutting edge value to drive their customers' success.

Mithi's solutions are offered via the marketplaces of these resellers. Each of these partnerships provides distinct value to the combined offering and make each one a unique and valuable relationship.

Mithi is seeking to expand our distribution network to newer geographies in the APAC, MENA and USA regions.

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Service Partners

Successful SaaS or dedicated IT implementations often require a highly-specialized set of expertise and knowledge.

Mithi has forged and maintains relationships with some of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable professional services providers, solution integrators, managed service providers and consultants to supplement our team and yours when needed.

Our partners, who are well trained and knowledgeable about our solutions, can augment your team's capacity or provide inputs with specialised expertise.

Some interesting use cases of the joint effort of Mithi and services partners:

  • Providing trained L1 and L2 resources for manning the helpdesk stations on site for a large customer
  • Providing automated resource monitoring and NOC services 24/7 to have "eyes and ears" on dedicated infrastructure pieces
  • Migration consulting and execution to make it easy for the customer to migrate mail from one platform to another.

Engagements can be for specific projects or ongoing as a monthly service

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Platform Partners

Mithi is an AWS Advanced Technology partner and has deep relationships with AWS as a cloud partner and Trend Micro as an email security partner. Our platforms are all built and delivered on the AWS cloud infrastructure as true SaaS offerings or in specific cases as dedicated cloud deployments, depending on the customer's challenges and needs.

Trend Micro, the industry leader in spam, virus, malware and ransomware protection, is deployed at the periphery of the email infrastructure and is responsible to ensure only clean mail get through to the customer's mailboxes. Learn more

The AWS cloud platform, the industry leader in cloud infrastructure services, is the core platform driving all our collaboration and security offerings and providing us with a reliable, scalable, secure and high performance IaaS layer, which in turn helps us deliver dependable solutions to our customers. Learn more

Technology partners

Mithi and Technology Partners forge close bonds to embed our technology in their solutions to deliver the collaboration advantage as a higher combined value proposition to their customers.

Our technology is accessible on the cloud via web services and ReST APIs, is totally configurable, secure and safe to embed in any business application, without the need of deploying any infrastructure or doing any complex integration.

Integrated solution stacks deliver powerful capabilities to our customers.

Integrated solutions can be replicated across other customers with similar needs, which drives efficiency. Using integration, each solution has access to shared data and process controls to optimize the solution construct and deliver a more robust, intelligent solution.

Having a shared development roadmap with our partners, builds trust with the customer, who knows that two or more solution vendors are coordinating their efforts to preserve the value of the combined solution.

In one such case, we have embedded the entire SkyConnect collaboration suite into an end user portal for use by financial advisors on the field. The integration is seamless, and the collaboration stack is hosted and consumed from our cloud platform, from within the end user portal. Read more about this case study here

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