Lock your opportunity with us

Your opportunities can be locked to your organisation in our CRM assuring you that any business gains from the lead are mapped to your account. Adding opportunities early in the system, helps our team nurture them towards a decision with regular email reach outs, automated followups, offers, demos, trials and more

Working on opportunities submitted by you

Step 1: You submit an opportunity into the CRM

Step 2: It is reviewed by our team for accuracy, duplicates, etc

Step 3: We confirm it as locked

Step 4: We nurture the lead with your help and bring it towards a decision

Step 5: Close the order

Step 6: Deliver your benefits.

This whole process can take upto 24 hours. In case of any rare conflict discovered in the CRM, our team will reach out to you to discuss the exception and the next steps.

Why lock an opportunity with us?

Locking an opportunity ensures that you get the benefits when the opportunity converts to a customer. It also avoids conflicts when multiple partners may approach the same opportunity. The first mover is the partner we work with, unless the customer specifies otherwise.

Help us Help you

The more clearly you can specify the customer's pain points and requirements, the more easy it will be for us to help them drive a decision. Please share details of existing technology map (what are they using currently), how many users, how much historical data is to be migrated, reasons to change (pain points, upgrade vision). Specify constraints if any such as data residency, etc.

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This information is about you, Mithi's reseller. Please enter carefully to enable accurate mapping.




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SkyConnect (Cloud native business email platform)Vaultastic (Cloud native email archival & ediscovery platform)Clrstream (Email security and Disaster recovery platform)Ideolve (Un-complicate Team Collaboration)

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