Meet the Team

The people who make it happen

Tarun Malaviya
Founder & CEO
Tarun is a leader who inspires others, is happy to let others lead. Learning from them and coaching them, he works alongside his team to get things done. Much of his time is spent on design of products and pulling through new business initiatives.

Sunil Uttam
Co-Founder & Director Services
Sunil is currently leading the Services and Cloud Infrastructure teams where he is busy improving the systems whenever he is not talking to Customers or helping his team overcome a difficult situation.

Aditi Malaviya
Co-Founder & Director Technology
Aditi is currently leading the Product development work at Mithi. A keen learner and excellent project manager, she is always willing to learn from anyone who can help her do things better.

Ashok Malaviya
Co-Founder & Director Sales
Ashok is working on both, the channel program and the direct-to-customer sales at Mithi. Instrumental in building partnerships with large system integrators and ISPs such as HCL, Wipro, CMC etc. Ashok still loves selling directly to customers.