Hierarchical Storage – A simple storage solution to mailbox bloat

As part of our #whiteboardseries, we bring to you a series of short videos that we hope will help your organisation increase productivity and efficiency. In the video above, we propose an easier, faster and durable way to keep primary mailboxes lean and safeguard any old mails, using a simple cloud backup/ archival solution. In business, email still remains the primary form of communication. This can often lead to the mailbox size growing beyond control and interfering with performance. In a bid to keep the mailbox size in check, companies often implement radical ways to manage data. This could be setting up a quota, reducing the mailbox size and forcing the user to delete mail or having the users download old mail on their personal devices. These methods are not very safe or durable in the long run. They reduce or completely remove the access to old mails, that may be required as reference or evidence in case of litigation. Using the method stated in the video, you can now step away from these methods and adopt a better and more productive way of working. Read a detailed blog on the working and benefit of adopting a hierarchical storage architecture.

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